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WordPress newbie lucks out…

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Having previously hand-coded a few sites (that are no longer live), I decided to try my luck creating a portfolio site with WordPress—it seemed so ubiquitous and full of options—gotta love options—that I just couldn’t go wrong, right? Thus, this site. Having stumbled upon an excellent theme that allows a lot of customization, on my very first-ever try despite the seemingly infinite number of choices out there and, my own limited knowledge about what to look for, I feel quite fortunate. A little study of the matter led to the wonderfully-adaptable and well-supported Virtue Premium theme by Kadence Themes, a most lucky find.

This design of mine might be considered fairly basic, but that is entirely my own doing. I had to start somewhere in order to teach myself the workings of WordPress, since I’d never used it before. I also wanted a somewhat minimalist look and feel anyway, which Virtue definitely allows. I don’t have a lot of pages, and primarily wanted to showcase a simple, and logical portfolio of work that was easy to navigate, and could also be filtered by project type.

It seems that the Virtue theme has accomplished that quite well. And so, I am grateful to the brilliant minds who developed the Kadence themes, and would highly recommend them to anyone else who wants something more than the defaults that come with WordPress. Though I have barely scratched the surface of all that this theme has to offer, I’d still say go for it—the myriad options are painless (so far)! The lightning-quick answers to questions in the Kadence support forum is a comfort, and so far, I’ve managed to find every answer right there already, without having to submit any questions of my own. It is truly a delightful surprise these days, to find a well-designed cyber-product with instant, friendly support as well.

If you’re in the market for a WordPress website, I’d highly recommend the Kadence themes (and I don’t even know or work for them!).

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