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PROJECT: Web Banners

BRIEF: Design and produce a series of rotating banners to display on the home page of a previous version of the website.

SOLUTION: Plan, design, and develop a mini rotating banner campaign. Each banner focuses on important information about the company’s products, its process in developing each design, special deals, offers, and gift ideas, all including a call-to-action button that links appropriately. The banners fit into a very specific place, and must match the site’s background image of a blueprint line drawing, in keeping with the site’s overall theme and color scheme. Most of the images are composites, created in Photoshop, using some of the art that is featured on the company’s products, and some original art that I created in Illustrator, as well as my own photography and image manipulation. NOTE: The banners here were designed to match an old, now-defunct site. All of the web assets and most of the products on the newly-designed and developed site (by Eleven Tree Media) were redesigned, by me, and can be viewed at

  • Client: PatentWear
  • Skillset: Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Role: Design, Typography, Production, Copywriting