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PROJECT: Tri-fold Brochure

BRIEF: Create a tri-fold brochure to inform people of a new organization in town, its mission and goals, and the ways in which those interested may participate and/or join. Use a modified version of the global parent organization’s existing logo, and text as provided by the client. Create a blue-green color scheme to match the new logo colors, and, avoid full bleeds.

SOLUTION: A handy tri-fold, that graphically introduces and enhances the organization’s logo through placement, transparency, and cropping, and, includes a hierarchy of text in order of importance. Symbolically stressing the importance of every single member’s contribution to the cause of compassion, I colorized a heart-shaped rock so that it stood out among others—and was able to find (and obtain usage licensing for) the perfect image via user-provided stock images at The image was manipulated in Photoshop, and, a masked knockout version was repeated on a second call-to-action panel. I also created an original “ripple” graphic in Photoshop for the background of text about opportunities to make a difference. Image credit: © Ginger Sanders |

  • Client: Charter for Compassion Santa Cruz
  • Skillset: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Role: Design, Layout, Typography