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PROJECT: 5-Panel Rack Card

BRIEF: Create a 5-panel rack card to inform people—especially tourists heading to the Yosemite National Park area of California—of a whitewater rafting company’s many exciting options on three different rivers for both expert river-runners and families with young children.

SOLUTION: Design a handy and compact folded brochure with bright and bold graphics that incorporate the company logo and its long-established colors of blue and yellow. Make the piece invitingly fun and unique, so it attractively stands out among the many other rack cards displayed in high-traffic tourist destinations (airports, hotels, visitor centers, etc.). Use as many of the client-supplied action photos as will fit, and include customer testimonials as well.

The company runs (and books) rafting trips on 3 different California rivers, which are highlighted with descriptions of their differences in three of the interior panels. All are connected with a “river flow” cut-out graphic treatment of the accompanying photos (provided by the client) in each panel. The “flow” design is echoed on the exterior panels, which provide contact and booking information.

Additional graphic elements were created to tie the piece together, with testimonials from clients, and a background “water splash.” A map of California was specially created (hand-drawn with watercolor effects) along with inset maps of the various river locations, using both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The logo was re-created for this project, and InDesign was used for layout with the file exported to press quality PDFs for an initial print run of 15,000.

  • Client: Zephyr Whitewater Expeditions
  • Skillset: Design, Layout, Illustration, Typography, Pre-press