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PROJECT: Logo/identity + Greeting Cards

BRIEF: Logo design for a global deaf-culture event, documenting a single 24-hour period with photos collected from over 30 countries to be sold as greeting cards and in a special edition book to bring awareness to the often-unseen deaf community in our midst. Design and produce the greeting cards using six of the client’s chosen photos.

SOLUTION: A winsome, child-like logo designed to capture the engaging global deaf community that submitted so many delightful photos for this project, and which included both amateur and professional photographers of all ages from around the world. Six card designs featuring the client’s selections from the many thousands of photos submitted were also created, with a portion of sales proceeds ultimately donated by the client to the World Federation of the Deaf.

  • Client: Missy Keast
  • Skillset: Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXpress, Photoshop
  • Role: Design & Production