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PROJECT: Cabrillo Extension promotional & informational flyers

BRIEF: Create flyers according to immediate needs to promote this community educational program in general, the Youth Summer program, job opportunities, program categories, and individual instructor classes and workshops. Keep a general and consistent theme in mind, depending upon the seasonal term, the type of class, etc. and always include the department’s identity for easy recognition within the community. Often the flyers will match the current catalog covers for increased program recognition.

Flyer output varies, but includes an in-house color copy machine, commercial printers, and web-only presentation. Full bleeds are only considered for commercial printing and web-only output. Flyers are posted around campus, distributed to instructors, emailed, and left for pickup at relevant events.

SOLUTION: Design a general template with repeating elements, which can be easily modified depending on other elements necessary to include for each particular piece, such as images, typography, headlines and tag lines, and class schedules.

  • Client: Cabrillo College Extension
  • Skillset: Adobe Creative Suite CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro)