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PROJECT: Annual Budget Reports Redesign: Preliminary & Final

BRIEF: The Business Services department of Cabrillo College approached me to redesign the college’s annual budget report, and then provide them with the InDesign file as a template that could be reused by their own staff members to update the information in subsequent years.

SOLUTION: Since the college Marketing Department was in the midst of redesigning its branding, the vector files were not yet available, and so, from their own presentation for board approval, I was able to accurately re-create the logotype myself from scratch for this project.

The project involved receiving a variety of documents and data from various sources and in varying states of readiness, including raw Excel sheets, multi-page PDFs, and stylized Word docs. 

Using InDesign, I redesigned all 32 Tables (from raw Excel sheets) with cell/headings and table styles applied throughout for a more cohesive, pleasing, and easy-to-read presentation.

Also redesigned were the Table of Contents page, and all of the text pages for overall consistency. The final Budget has since changed slightly throughout as others work on it, but the basic template and both text and table style sheets remain. I have since been asked to produce both Prelim and Final budget documents (see below).

The documents that I actually produced include both Preliminary and Final Budget reports, 2021-22 through Prelim 2023-24 (excluding Final 2021-24—someone in the Business Department seems to have taken over producing that document—it is definitely not my work!). They can be viewed at this link: Cabrillo College Business Office. Scroll down the page to the Preliminary and Final Budget section where each is listed and linked.

  • Client: Cabrillo College
  • Skillset: Design, Layout, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop