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My PDF Portfolio Flip Book

This is a test. Since I’ve stumbled upon a WordPress plugin called DearFlip 3D Flipbook, I just had to try it, even though almost everything in this PDF version of my portfolio already appears in the Portfolio section of this site. If you’re reading this, I’ve left this post up because the tests were passed, which primarily entailed no-fuss functionality. The PDF portfolio file was originally created with the intention of emailing it on request, but then, I thought, it could possibly work in this context as well. Some features still seem a little wonky to me, so I’ll keep poking around and experimenting in search of the best settings.

The pages were originally designed to be viewed singly, but this free version of the flip book plugin creates facing pages from multi-page PDFs; thus, the page numbering is set up to accommodate, though I would have done it differently for normal recto/verso page layout. (I’d purchase the premium version if I could own it, and if it were not a yearly subscription, which would then allow a “single pages” option and even flipping from the top instead of left/right or right/left—I think?). However, I thought I’d leave things as is for now since, after all, it is only a test. You can play with the controls (below) and view pages as singles or double/facing. This 5.45Mb PDF is downloadable as well (accessed in the control bar below the flip book) in the rare case that someone might want a copy for themselves. Here goes!

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