Sha na na na na… get a job!

The Silhouettes perform Get a Job (youtube link) A whirlwind three years later, and I’m finally back at this blog—with the old song by the Silhouettes ear-worming its way through my head! My absence here can perhaps be excused primarily because, I did get a job—through a most … Read More

Life on a boat…

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Currently, I’m on a boat (sounds like a song!)—a sailboat to be exact—located in the lovely waters of New Zealand. For a number of years now, my family has returned during the northern hemisphere’s winter to the boat we sailed here from California, creating an endless summer of … Read More


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Welcome to the latest iteration of my online portfolio. Grab a cuppa (or other preferred libation) and have a look around. This is a first attempt for me, seriously taking on the task of using WordPress for site design and development. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey while … Read More